Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hello again. :)

I know I haven't posted for a while. Sorry. :/ Anyway, I don't think I'll continue this for a while. I WILL continue this sometime though, I just have no inspiration right now. :(

BUT I have started a new blog, here:
The first chapter is rather horrible but I promise it will get better. (Or at least I hope xD) It's a story I've been wanting to try out for a while now, so I hope it goes well.

Have a really nice day, and please check out my new blog! (Comment on this if you do! :D)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Generation 1, Chapter 4: The Drummer

I've just submitted Blatant Lies to the publisher. It wasn't the best book, but I was kind of mad while I was writing it. Cissy told me a few days ago that I should try my hand at Drama, so I started a new book this morning,  entitled Missing Anna Masionne. The new book has been going well so far, even though I only have the first chapter and a half done. 

"Ding ding" "Open UP!" comes Cissy's voice from the speaker. "Buzz me in already  Don't tell me you're already asleep! It's only -uh- 8 - !"

If I hadn't slept the whole day I probably would  be asleep by now. I get up from my desk and buzz in Cissy, who in what seems like seconds is at my front door. 

"Ready to go?" she asks, practically bouncing with excitement. 

"Ahh...where again?" I ask her, a bit embarrassed to have forgotten already. 

"The dance club of course!" Cissy explains, giving me a quizzical look. "Come ooon. You need a boyfriend anyway." 

"Sure. Why not?" I say as I run to grab my coat and close my laptop. And she was right on with that last statement. 


We arrive and Cissy immediately orders us drinks, as usual. And, as usual again, it tastes quite good.

As soon as I finish I head over to the dance floor where Cissy is waiting for me. "See anyone you like?" she whispers to me with a giggle. 

"What about that drummer over there?" I say, pointing and giggling again. 

"That's Stefan Fisher." Cissy hisses to me, trying to keep her voice down. "He's a big four-star celebrity. I'm not entirely sure why he's famous though. Huh. He didn't used to have that beard." 

"I dunno, I kind of like it." I say, as the drummer stops drumming and starts coming towards us. 

"I'll leave you two aloooone." Cissy says, and tiptoes off towards the bar. 

"Dance with me?" he asks with a grin. 

"Ah, ok sure." I say, and follow him onto the dance floor. 


Stefan and I spend the next hour or so just chatting. After what seems like no time at all it is closing time and we are being kicked out of the club. I scribble down my number on a piece of paper and shove it at Stefan. 

"Here ya go. Call me." I say and run off to join Cissy, who is waving at me frantically for no reason at all. 

"Sooo, do you have a date scheduled yet?" Cissy says, trying to keep a straight voice but failing miserably. 

"Nooo....why would you think that?" I say in an annoyed voice, knowing perfectly well why she thought that. 

Thank you for reading my latest chapter! I'm sorry it was a bit short, but I will be trying to make shorter chapters from now on so I can get them out faster. 

The next chapter will be out soon, and have a nice second week of advent! 

PS: But wait, I notice you changed the name of your blog! What did you do that for??
I think you'll probably figure that out in the last chapter of gen 1 or so. :) 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Generation 1, Chapter 3: I will never go shopping again.

WARNING: I think this post is kind of boring. I'm only posting it because I think it reveals something about Cissy (and Ida's) character(s) and because it was really fun to write. So you don't have to read it if you don't want to. I don't think there's anything very important to the plot in here. :) 


I am awoken by a "ding" at the door. "Hey, it's Cissy again. Buzz me in!" 

"No..." I mumble, burying my face in my pillow. "It's too early..." I curl up on my bed, trying to go back to sleep, but Cissy just keeps "ding"ing until I let her in. 

"I'm coming, Cissy, I'm coming..." I say as I make my way sleepily over to the door. I push the button and soon a very awake Cissy is standing at my door. 

"C'mon, get dressed, sleepyhead! We're going shopping!" 

"But I don't need anything!" I complain with a huge yawn. "What are we going shopping for?" 

"To get you some new clothes!" she says matter-of-fact-ly, as if it should be obvious. "Like I said when we first met, you'll be a huge celebrity by the end of the week, and you have no fashion sense. Now get moving!" 

I'm about to ask her what on earth I would need fashion sense for but decide against it. "I'm getting dressed, okay?" I grump at her as I make my way into my bedroom, still not fully awake. 

"Hurrry Uuuup! We're going to be laaaaate!" Cissy shouts at me in an annoyed voice. 

"Almost done, just a few more minutes!" I yell back when really I'm already dressed and sitting on my bed, trying to stay awake. I finally decide that I shouldn't make Cissy madder than she already is and come out, yawning. "What do you mean 'late'? It's only 7! Where are we going?" 

"I told you, shopping! The store is packed by ten, so we need to gooooooo!" she says, grabbing me by the hand and pulling me out the door. 

"Wait wait wait!" I shout, pulling myself free. "I just need to lock it..." 

As soon as I'm done Cissy is dragging me into the elevator. "Why are you moving so slow? Aren't you excited?"

Excited is not really the word. "Uh..." 

"Well, whatever." she snaps and hails a taxi. 


Ten minutes later, we are in a huge, nearly empty clothing store that seems to go on forever. Cissy is coming back from the checkout line, carrying a large amount of clothes. "I picked these out for you yesterday. They should fit." she says happily, pushing me into the dressing room. "Try on the orange one first!" 

"Nice!" says Cissy approvingly, and with that pushes me into the dressing room again. "The pink one next!" 

I shake my head at her. "I don't really like it. And it's more purple than pink."

"Yes, I agree with you." says Cissy, tilting her head at me. "Not very everyday-ish. Too formal. Try the blue one next. For when it gets colder." 

I groan and head back into the dressing room. 

"Perfect!" says Cissy a little too happily and then shoos me back into the dressing room, yelling "the red one with the short skirt next!" 

Groan. I am so not a shopping person. 

Cissy nods approvingly. "Looking good. Now I've got some more formal dresses that you need to try on now. They're all red, try on the short one first." 

I hate shopping. Good thing Cissy already picked out all the dresses. 

"You look awesome." Cissy says. I have a feeling she is enjoying this much more than I am. "Now for a more elegant feel. Try on one of the long ones." 

Idk. I am glad this is almost done. 

"OMG!" shouts Cissy happily. "You look wonderful! Only one to go!" 


Cissy nods approvingly again. "That's everything I'm afraid. But we can do this again sometime!" 

No. Oh god no. Never again. Ever. 

Cissy isn't noticing my expression, and has already bought all the (very expensive) clothes. "C'mon!" she shouts back at me. "I've got this really awesome dance club planned for tonight!" 

Forget writing. I am so spending the rest of the afternoon napping. 

I'm afraid this post was kind of boring, but at least Cissy is fun to write <3. So anyway, sorry, and I hope the next post will be more interesting. :) 

So so sorry for the late post, school has been really busy lately. :(

Thank you for reading, and don't forget to leave comments/feedback! :D

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


So I have Chapter 3 written but I am missing 1 screenshot so I haven't posted it :/ I've been really busy lately with almost no time to get on Sims so I don't have that screenshot yet...I'll post the next chapter as soon as I can. :) Have a nice day everyone! :D

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Generation 1, Chapter 2: New Friends

To take my mind off things, I open up my laptop to chat with Cruz. I ask him how things are going back home, and he says they are going just fine. He doesn't say anything else, and I start to get a bit worried. He's not his usual talkative self. 

hey, can i call you? 

I quickly type back,


I wait expectantly for my phone to ring and after just about 30 seconds it does. I pick up and instead of hearing a happy "hi!" I hear "Ida, I need to talk to you."

"Ok..." I say, suddenly feeling sick to my stomach. 

"This isn't working. We barely ever get to talk. You're in a whole other world now."

"...and?" I ask expectantly. 

"I don't think...I mean...well...what I mean is for this to work we kind of have to be in the same world"

What? He's not making any sense...or maybe he is.  "...and?" I repeat. 

"And...I think you know what I mean." 

"Wait, Cruz, did you just..." The line goes dead. "Break up with me..." I say slowly, setting the phone down on the table. I head over to my still-open laptop and open up Notepad. 

I name my new book Blatant Lies. It's a fitting title. I should have seen this coming. But I didn't. 

I continue writing far into the night, only going to bed after I have submitted the first few chapters to the publisher. 

I wake up early, despite my late night, and go into the kitchen to make waffles. They aren't too bad, but they're gross compared to the ones Mom used to make. I wash the dishes and then head back to my laptop, hoping to continue my story. But instead, I find myself creating an online dating profile. Why not? You're single now...the voice inside my head says. I browse through the other profiles and end up sending someone named Alexy a message. 

I shut down my laptop and just as I am going to go watch some tv, I hear another "ding". "It's Matt again. Mind buzzing us in?" 


I jump up from my chair and go to press the button to let them in. There is someone with Matthew this time. 

"Ida, this is my sister Narcissa. Narcissa, meet Ida." 


Yes, this is most definitely the Matthew from tv. 

"Come on in," I say, feeling less nervous this time. Maybe because there is another girl in the room. I don't know. 

"Matt says you're a published author." Narcissa says immediately. "Good for you. Matt went and mentioned  you to some of his friends, who...yeah, lets just say you're already somewhat known around here. All his fault." she says, jerking her head in Matthew's direction. "I think he-"

"Cissy!" Matt interrupts her, giving her an annoyed look. "Ignore her. She's really-"

"What?" Cissy says, giving him an innocent look. She turns back to me. "As I was saying, I wanted to ask you if you've been to a club before." 

"No..." I say, my voice trailing off. I had heard that Bridgeport is full of clubs, although I have never bin to one. 

"Well, let's go then!" she almost shouts, grabbing Matt and me and dragging us towards the door. "With the way Matt is going, you'll be a celebrity by the end of the week. I obviously need to teach you how to be one." 

And with that, I go to a club for the first time in my life. 


Cissy immediately orders us drinks, and shoves one into my hand. 

"Drink." she advises knowingly. "It's good."

She is right. It is good. As soon as I finish it, Cissy is dragging me somewhere else. 

"C'mon! Dance!" she shouts, and I begin to move uncertainly to the music. Matt starts playing the piano, which I didn't even know he could do. Of course, that isn't surprising. I haven't really known him for that long. 

The night flies by. Soon we are being kicked out with promises of "more drinks tomorrow." Cissy is practically bouncing. 

"Best night of your life?" she grins, and hops into the elevator without waiting for an answer. Matt and Cissy drop me off at my apartment, promising to stop by again tomorrow. 

I head to my apartment without even being nervous about the elevator. I guess I got used to them pretty fast. 

I'm sorry, Ida and Cruz's breakup was kind of stupid. But I couldn't think up any other way to do it. ><  Again, I apologize for the bad writing, but hopefully I am getting better. :) 

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to leave comments/feedback! :D Oh, and have a nice rest-of-the-weekend! 

Generation 1, Chapter 1: A New Life

"This is it," the taxi driver tells me, pulling up in front of the apartment which will soon be my home. "You're on floor 12. First door on the left."

I smile, thank him and hand him the money. He nods and drives off without another word. I stare up for a moment, looking up at the building towering above me. "Wow." I mutter under my breath, and step through the door and into the lobby. It's completely empty and completely quiet. I walk softly over to the elevator, and push the "up" button. The elevator lights up, the door opens and I step into an elevator for the first time in my life.

I nervously hit the button that says "12" and feel the elevator going up, finally stopping jerkily with another "ding!" I take my key slowly out of my pocket and step out of the elevator. The first door on the left is easy to find - it's the only door on the left. I push my key into the lock and turn it. The door opens. 

The first thing I notice when I step into my apartment is there is a lot of green. That isn't bad, I like the color green. Being exhausted, I go straight to the sofa and pass out. 

I am awoken by another "ding." Someone else using the elevator? I think sleepily and sit up, rubbing my eyes. "Hey, this is Matthew Hamming, I'm here to welcome you to the area. Will you buzz me in?" Sure. I walk over to the door looking for some kind of "buzz button". Fortunately it's not that hard to find, and soon there is a man standing at my door. 

"Er...yeah, come in." I mumble, standing back from the door to let him in. "You're Matthew, I guess?"

"That's right." he says, going past me to stand in the living room. I follow, shutting the door behind me. Suddenly something in my mind clicks. The Matthew Hamming? The one from the Romantic Rendezvous channel? I ask myself. I walk over to where he is standing, biting my lip. "So..."  I say, in my mumbley voice again. Way to go Ida. I grumble to myself. He's going to think you're a complete idiot... 

"What do you like to do?" Matthew says suddenly, bringing me back to earth.

"I can write." I say immediately, glad to be talking about something I am good at. "I wrote a short kids book. It actually got published, which was a miracle." I stop talking, realizing I should have left the last bit off. I bite my lip again, not knowing why I am feeling so nervous. He's probably not the same as the guy on tv. He just shares the same name as him or something. I think, trying to convince myself that this is some random guy who is probably my neighbor.

It isn't working.

Matthew gives me a look. "What was it called?" he prompts, giving me a smile that seems genuine. 

"Erm, The Ladybug who Lost its Way." I say, knowing the title might seem kind of stupid. But hey, it got published...


He sounds intrigued, something I'm not planing for. "Yeah, it was about a ladybug, who tried to run away from home but got lost in a garden. She managed to find her way back home with the help of her ladybug friend, and her mother was waiting for her at home with dinner and a hug." I realize if I put it this way, it sounds a bit dumb. But Matthew doesn't even look bored, which I find weird. Harry said that he nearly fell asleep when he was reading it. Typical Harry. 

"Sounds interesting. I have to go though, I have a filming at eight. See you around then. Do you mind if I stop by tomorrow?"

I'm kind of stunned.

"Er, sure. No problem." I say, and Matthew waves and out the door, closing it behind him. Filming? I think slowly, realizing that this probably is the same guy as on tv. Just great. Why did he have to welcome me to the area, of all people?


First, I hope I've gotten better at screenshots. I'm also using poses for the first time, which is making this a lot easier. :) I'm not sure if my screenshots went with my writing very well, but whatever. I'll get better at this eventually. I also (hope) my writing got better. And that's it for now. :)

EDIT: Oh and most of my names are EA generated, which is why they are bad ._. The only name here that I actually came up with was Ida. (But this is good, because usually my names are even worse than EA's :P)

Thank you for reading, everybody! And don't forget to give feedback and comments! :D

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


So in my game Carl is already married and the triplets are teens. I have screenshots but I don't feel like editing them right now and I don't really feel like writing either. ._. Anyway, I hope to have part 4 up by Monday. Have a nice Thanksgiving! :D

EDIT: I don't really feel like writing the rest of my intro or posting pics. Sorry. Anyway, here's what happened:

-Carl aged up
-The triplets aged up.
-Carl got married to Maisy Miller, and moved next door.
-Ida got a boyfriend named Cruz; the rest of the triplets stayed single
-A few seasons passed
-The triplets aged up into young adults
-Ida (my heir) moved to Bridgeport with Cruz staying in Appaloosa Plains

I think that's everything that happened that's of importance. At the moment I have been having a bit of trouble with Bridgeport so no pics yet. But I can actually start with Gen 1 now, yay! :D